Beach Rocker


The Beach Rocker combines the looks of the iconic deck chair with the comfort and experience of a rocking chair. The fabric is made of cotton and the print pays homage to a summer seaside horizon in an understated and stylish way. The varnished beech wood originates from Dutch forests and is lightweight so the chair can be moved easily.

Find a comfortable place in the sun and the Beach Rocker will rock your world!

Size: 117 x 54 x 10 cm (folded)

Material: Varnished beech wood (frame) / Cotton with an antifungal layer (fabric)

Delivery: This product is delivered flatpacked but assembled

  • FREE 5 day delivery within the EU
  • Worldwide & NON EU European countries and special territories (such as the Canary Islands): please contact us by email at hello@bestiquecurated.com

The Designer

Erik Stehmann designed a ‘smart’ beach chair for Weltevree. The standard beach chair that everyone knows is astonishingly simple: little materials, easy to move, collapsible and to top it off they’re comfortable.

The Beach Rocker connects the best of both worlds: the good qualities of a beach chair with the fun characteristics of a rocking chair.

A twist that intensifies the pleasurable experience."

Powerful in its simplicity, and very logical if you think about it. 

“I see design as playthings for adults, playing is wonderful, and having a lot of toys is amazing.”

About his work Erik says, “the best part of my work is that I can challenge myself, every day! I enjoy plotting and designing, there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching a design grow in the process of creation.” 

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