Marnie Moyle

Large Oak Swing


Berkshire based furniture designer Marnie Moyle created this beautiful hand carved oak swing. Marnie's work has a timeless character and the unseasoned, unpolished english oak is expected to move, contort and silver making this simple work a lasting heirloom.

Seat measures: 76cm wide x 26 cm deep x 5cm thick

Supplied with a pair of 5m whipped and spliced, best quality British made ropes

Choose from the hand carved, purposely imperfect (wobbly) words of:

  • Just think lovely thoughts and they lift you up in the air
  • 'Scuse me while I kiss the sky
  • Away with the fairies


Standard UK Delivery: £20

** These items are made to order specifically for you, and because of the nature of the Oak they are perfect in their imperfections.

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