Sonnenglas Solar Light


We love these lights! SONNENGLAS® is a tiny solar power plant. During the day it stores solar energy and at night releases the energy in the form of light. This is possible thanks to a battery on the inside that is charged by solar cells and ensures the LEDs provide light for many hours. A micro-USB port means SONNENGLAS can be charged if for some reason the sun refuses to shine. At the same time, SONNENGLAS gives you free terrain when deciding how to decorate. In South Africa, SONNENGLAS is already a cult object, and is far becoming one in Europe, too.

Stefan Neubig, founder, says "SONNENGLAS is made in a social and sustainable manner. Today, it offers 70 formerlyunemployed men and women in Soweto, Johannesburg, steady jobs and vocational pro-spects. Our staff get fair wages, social insurance and pension rights. The SONNENGLAS Fund, founded in 2014, finances training sessions and advanced training for the staff."

Your SONNENGLAS® comes with a one-year warranty. You can extend this warranty free of charge - up to two years - within two months after purchase. Our warranty promise: all technical components will be exchanged by us immediately and without questioning. An email or a call is all that it takes!

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